What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics and How to Reduce It

What is a Bounce Rate?

What do we mean by skip rate? A skip rate is a rate that shows what number of clients arrived on a page and after that left the site, without having any association on the page. This implies they didn’t click any connections on the page and this incorporates menu things and some other inner or outside connections

How is bob rate figured in Google Analytics?

When you have Google Analytics introduced on your site, it records all activities performed on a page. Once a page is stacked out of the blue, this triggers a session and a demand is send to the Google Analytics server.

At the point when the Google examination server does not get a second demand from a similar page, at that point it implies that client did not connect with the page by any stretch of the imagination.

Another normal for single-page sessions is that the ‘time nearby’ is 0 (zero) since Google investigation does not have another demand to use to compute how much time a client spend on the page.

Bounce Rate (Ricochet Rate) is figured for Landing pages as it were

The bob rate is ascertained when clients arrive on the specific page from an outer asset (i.e. Google seek) and not when they visit a page by clicking an interior connection.

Think about the accompanying model:

Client 1: Visits Page A then Page B at that point Page C

Client 2: Visits Page B at that point Page A then Page C

Client 3: Visits Page An and after that ways out

The ricochet rate for Page An is half since Page A had 2 point of arrival perspectives and one exit. In spite of the fact that User 2 visited Page An also, this does not tally in ricochet rate computations since it was anything but an immediate visit to the page.

Skip Rate VS Exit Rate

Numerous individuals mistake skip rate for leave rate yet they are not the same.

Leave rate is the level of individuals that left the site from a specific page. As it were, is what number of individuals left your site from that specific page/number of online visits that page got.

Bob rate and SEO

There is a major disarray in the Best Digital Marketing Service  about the connection between skip rate and SEO and whether the bob rate is a factor utilized by Google amid the positioning procedure.

Numerous individuals contend that it is considered by Google, while Google says that they don’t utilize Google examination measurements in their positioning calculation.

Actually some place in the middle.

Bob rate is a metric that is accessible in Google Analytics and indeed, the Google positioning calculation does not consider in light of the fact that a) they don’t approach it and b) it’s not constantly precise. As we will see underneath a high bob rate isn’t in every case terrible.

At the point when a page however has a high bob rate it implies 2 things (that are straightforwardly identified with SEO and rankings).

First: That the page did not fulfill the client aim. This suggests guests seeing that page are less inclined to wind up clients or rehashing clients. They didn’t share the page or included a remark since they didn’t discover what they are searching for.

Second: If the guest originated from Google seek, visited your page and afterward returned to the indexed lists, at that point this is something that Google knows.

In the SEO World this is known as pogo-staying and it’s a flag to Google that your page did not fulfill the client purpose.

Google needs to keep their clients glad so If a great deal of clients have a similar conduct, at that point this will inevitably prompt brings down rankings.

  • Most regular issues prompting high skip rates
  • Moderate stacking sites
  • Pages brimming with promotions
  • Pages that demonstrate a popup when a client enter the page
  • Pages with no substance
  • Pages with content tossed on a page without dealing with arranging
  • Pages that get visits from cell phones and are not versatile neighborly

What is thought to be a decent bob rate?

By and large, the lower the bob rate the better. In situations where you need clients to connect with the page and site when all is said in done, a high bob rate demonstrates that there is a major issue with the page.

Step by step instructions to diminish your bob rate

The most widely recognized approaches to diminish the skip rate of a page are:

1. Enhance page stacking speed however much as could reasonably be expected

2. Abstain from utilizing full-screen popups that show up when a page is stacked

3. Catch the peruser’s eye

4. Limit the utilization of Ads

5. Utilize Internal connecting astutely

6. Compose better Call to Action Messages

7. Enhance your titles and portrayals to coordinate your substance

8.Beautify your substance

9. Guide clients on what to do straightaway

10. Enhance the nature of your substance


The bob rate is an essential metric to take a gander at while assessing the productivity of your site.

Accurately recognizing which pages have a high bob rate and taking activities to decrease it, is a stage towards making your site more helpful to clients and this has various included points of interest.

One of the favorable circumstances is better rankings since guests will remain on your site longer, explore more pages and in this way lessening the pogo-staying impact, which can contrarily influence your SEO for visit the Best Web Design & Development Company,SEO Company in Bangalore,India.

While dissecting the skip rate of a page in Google examination, ensure that it has a better than average number of visits (and online visits), generally the outcomes may not be 100% exact.

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