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photo retouching services


The online purchasing is becoming more popular every day. It is compelling the customers to buy something which they can't touch or feel therefore the images of these products should look irresistible to purchase the products. Nowdays People who will purchase everything from online like food to clothing etc. To win more customers, brands and retailers must produce higher quality photos, faster, and at a much greater volume than ever before. We will provide high quality services that will help to increase the customers.

Our Services Includes:

  • Ecommerce product retouching
  • Commercial product retouching services
  • Jewelry Product editing
  • Fashion product Editing
  • Furniture product Editing
  • Stock photo editing
  • Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services
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Ecommerce product retouching

Instead of thousand words , High quality product images is worthable . After Ecommerce Product Photography, Photo Editing is a crucial part of every online store. And most e-commerce sites handle a large number of images, which takes huge time for Photo Editing. Our company will provide professional photo editors, who will work to strive the customers’ needs.

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Commercial product retouching services

In general product retouching is a process of commerce photo editing, which includes adding new details or touches to images for correction or improvement

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Jewelry Product editing

In Jewelry product editing , we are using image editor software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. It will help you raise the image quality. By using the light and color correction, making stones brighter, removing spots or scratches. It will become the eye-catchers.

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Fashion Photo Editing

Today’s customers are buying & engaging with your brand & products online. So e-commerce helps you to boast your sales, your products as to sell itself by grabbing users attention. Fashion photo editing and retouching services from Zinavo will assist you elevate your fashion images to a different plane altogether.

Our services:

  • Fashion / Apparel Brands/Manufacturers
  • Fashion / Apparel Retail outlets
  • Fashion / Apparel Catalogues & Magazine Publishers
  • On-line (e-commerce) Fashion / Apparel retail stores
  • Fashion / Apparel Photographers.
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Furniture product Editing

Our aim is to make your furniture products interstible to customers through premier editing techniques including color and lighting correction, swatch makeover and detail enhancement. Our experts will use of advanced techniques to process images as per your requirements and create a consistent experience for your shop visitors.

Our Services Includes:

  • Add or remove background
  • Adjust brightness and contrast
  • Create a three dimensional look
  • Beautify using special effects
  • Add pencil sketches on demand
  • Provide high definition resolution
  • Give vintage or classic finishing
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Stock photo editing

Stocked pictures are basically the licenced photographs that are generally used for specific purposes of creative design projects. Infect the stock photo editing services are mostly the time consuming services that require much more carefulness with high accuracy & quality.

Our Services:

  • Add or remove background
  • Color Correction
  • Elimination of dust, spots and blemishes
  • Removal of logo/trademark names
  • Removing any unwanted objects
  • Optimum brightness and contrast
  • Correcting the chromatic aberration
  • Removing or lighting heavy shadows
  • Fixing bad lightings
  • Cleaning up sand and debris
  • Eliminating the sensor spots
  • Proper saturation and exposure
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Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services

Zinavo Provides fashion ghost mannequin photo editing and retouching services. Most of the fashion brands and online apparel stores have been employing our mannequin image editing and background removal services to galvanize their Business process. Our realistic ghost mannequin images make us the market leaders in lay figure or dress form photo editing.

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