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Zinavo is a Leading ISO (9001-2008) Certified Web & Mobile Apps Development Company in Bangalore, India. We are the highly skilled Professional Web Design,Ecommerce,Hosting,SEO Service Provider Company in Bangalore, India. Linux Is One Of The Most Popular And Well Know Operating System (OS) Used By Web Hosting Companies. This Is Considered As Best Alternative To Microsoft Windows OS Because Of Its Flexible And Powerful Nature Available In A Variety Of Free Paid As Well As Commercial Versions.

Many Hosting Companies In India Particularly Top Shared Hosting Companies Today By Default To Linux For Their Hosting Plans. In Fact, It Is Also The OS That Google Depends On To Run Its Broad Banks Of Server Over 15000 And Counting.


Most Of The People Buy Web Hosting Services Without Giving Much Preference To The Technical Details. If You Have Hosted Your Website Using Low Cost Shared Hosting Plan In India, Possibilities Are That It's Provisioned On Servers That Run Using Linux. Usually This Is Recommended Because:

1.       Linux is well known for its stability, permanence and security features. It gives you powerful platform in terms of your important data safety and steadiness.

2.       If you choose Linux then you will have the freedom to use industry standard web hosting application and software, such as the most popular cPanel control panel, so moving host will less disruptive

3.       As Linux is an open source software platform or application, charges for licensing are very much cheaper in comparison to other hosting platform such as Windows or Microsoft.

At Last, In Advanced Web Hosting Linux Is Configured In Accordance With The LAMP Standard. The Term LAMP Stands For:

1.       Linux as the OS (operating system)

2.       Apache as the Web server

3.       MySQL as the RDBMS (relational database management system)

4.       PHP as the object-oriented programming language (in some cases Perl or Python is used instead of PHP.)

This LAMP Standard Gives You Almost Everything You Need To Start A Superbly Acceptable, Modern Website Or Application.


Note That Not All Popular Scripts And Programming Languages Need Linux. Wordpress Can Be Effortlessly Installed On A Windows Server, As Can PHP And Perl Via Strawberry Perl. However Many Experts And Webmasters Believe That They Are Not So Well Supported And May Not Be Exceptionally Stable In Practice.

Another Aspect, Linux Servers In India Don't Support ASP, .NET Framework And IIS, So If You Planning To Work With These Applications, You May Have To Opt Windows Hosting. Moreover, Windows Is Frequently Considered To Be A Well Rounded And Ideal Platform Where Most Applications Run Comparatively Well And Making It A Practical Substitute.

When Choosing Internet Hosting Service For Your Business Or Personal Site You Should Make Sure You Have A Package That Is Rich In Features And Benefits. You Should Check Your Internet Hosting Provider Has A High Level Of Uptime Percentage To Back It Up. The Customer/Technical Support Should Match Your Requirements And Your Selected Host Should Be Dependable. It Should Too Match Your Budget.

The Platform A Web Hosting Provider Utilizes, Linux Or Windows, Will Not Really Matter As Much Unless You Are Going To Use Platform Specified Proprietary Applications. In This Case, The Platform May Make A Difference. If Not Like That Then Linux Is Most Often The Ideal Solution For Your Web Hosting India Needs.

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