How to Configure E-mail on Outlook 2010 for Windows

This Step-by-step instruction will guide you how to configure E-mail on Outlook 2010 for Windows. For other versions of Outlook, some screens and steps might vary.

For New Account:

  1. Select ‘Microsoft Outlook ‘


  1. Click Next



  1. Select Yes



  1. Click Next
  2. Select Manually configure server settings

  1. Click Next
  2. Select Internet E-mail


  1. Click Next

Email Setting:

  1. Enter the name as you want it to appear on your email messages
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Incoming  mail server is, eg:
  4. Outgoing mail server is the same as your incoming mail server
  5. Enter your full email address also as the User Name
  6. Enter your email password


More Settings:

  1. Click More Setting

  1. Click General tab and verify the mail id is same as given in previous page

  1. Click Outgoing Server tab

  1. Check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”checkbox
  2. Check “use the same settings as your incoming mail server”
  3. Click the Connectiontab



  1. Check “Connect using my local area network (LAN)” Checkbox
  2. Click the Advanced tab



  1. For Incoming server POP3 with SSL, click the checkbox and enter 995 as your port. Otherwise leave the default port at 110
  2. For Incoming server IMAP with SSL, click the checkbox and enter 993 as your port. Otherwise leave the default port at 143
  3. For Outgoing server SMTP with SSL, click the checkbox and enter port given by the hosting provider
  4. Click the OKbutton


Test Account Setting:

  1. Click the Test Account Setting button on Email setting screen

  1. If it shows completed then everything is working. If you receive any errors, please check your configuration
  2. Click the Closebutton on the Test Account Settings window

  1. Click Nexton the E-mail Accounts window
  2. Click the Finishbutton



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